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Finalized 2014 Pitcher Projections from BEANS

Here are the BEANS projections for pitchers for the 2014 season:  Link to GoogleDoc Most pitchers who stand to play in 2014 should be included, although some might have fallen through the cracks. Spoiler: The best projected starter by ERA- … Continue reading

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Joey Votto is an amazing human being

Votto tells me individual stat he values most: wRC+ #Reds 700 WLW — Lance McAlister (@LanceMcAlister) February 5, 2014 I don’t know if there’s anything more to say, other than that Joey Votto is awesome.

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2013 Wins Distribution

Here is a distribution of wins in the 2013 season. Compared to the cumulative chart which includes all seasons from the most recent expansion, the 2013 season saw a more bimodal distribution. This could be for any number of reasons, … Continue reading

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First Basemen: Comparing MLB Network’s Top 10 Right Now to projections

MLB Network has been airing a segment recently with Brian Kenny and various guests breaking down the top 10 players at each position “right now”. The statistically-minded Kenny seemingly has a grasp of the nuances of sabermetrics, but how do … Continue reading

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The LOOGY market and scraping the bottom of the barrel with Jeff Francis

LOOGYs, or Lefty One-Out GuYs, are essentially the luxury item of bullpens. Every team wants to want one, but not every team necessarily needs one. In other words, every team wants to be in a situation where the marginal value … Continue reading

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Making Sneaky Waiver Requests

Being in a major league front office is all about being sneaky. If you can maximize the chances of keeping all of the players you like in the organization, you would do it. So, what is one way that GMs … Continue reading

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Wins since ’98 Expansion

Here, we can see the distribution of win totals since the most recent expansion. Notice that the distribution of wins is essentially bimodal, because teams are incentivized to either perform extremely well and make the playoffs, or extremely poorly to … Continue reading

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