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Examining the case for Tim Lincecum

In terms of ERA and related statistics, there’s barely a case for giving Tim Lincecum a major-league contract. By rWAR, Lincecum’s pitching was worth -1.7 wins in 2012 and -0.6 in 2013, making him significantly worse than a scrub from Fresno … Continue reading

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About Tim Lincecum

Reportedly, the Giants have agreed with Tim Lincecum on a 2-year deal worth $35 million. The deal is yet to be confirmed, but in the meantime let’s look at all the pitchers in baseball this year that made more than … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Pence Contract

When I first heard the news, I was disgusted by the Pence contract. The Giants were planning on tendering Pence a Qualifying Offer; if Pence wanted more money from another team, that team would have to beat the Giants’ offer … Continue reading

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Gregor Blanco’s perfectly cromulent season

Given the failure of the Giants’ 2013 season, it’s perfectly reasonable for fans to clamor for—nay, demand—improvement. Naturally a team with the resources of the Giants should not make 86-loss seasons a regular habit. However, with the Giants in possession … Continue reading

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