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Idealism and Realism: The 13-14 Offseason, Part 1 of 4

Let’s look at two scenarios for the offseason: one rather idealistic (Parts 1 and 2), and one more realistic (Parts 3 and 4). Now, in an absolutely ideal world, the Giants would have the best player in baseball at every … Continue reading

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Brandon Belt, destroyer of baseballs

Since being benched in favor of Brett Pill for three straight games in Philadelphia in an attempt to create “competition” for the first-base job (the meaning of which is analyzed here), Brandon Belt has hit .438/.514/.875 in ten games, including … Continue reading

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On competition

Competition has become the biggest buzzword of the “Belt Wars.” Apparently, Belt was spurred to his big performance on Friday (.430 WPA, 3-4 HR, 3B, 2 RBI, 2 R) by “competition” with Brett Pill, and the thought of losing his … Continue reading

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Gritty and the Beast

Remember your days in Little League. If you didn’t play in Little League, any competitive sport, even dodgeball from your elementary school PE days, will do. There was always that one kid who was utterly spastic, who would throw the … Continue reading

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