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How the Giants win when they lose

When it comes to the draft, tanking is not a term generally seen in baseball the way it is in basketball or football. One major reason for his is that draft talent is much harder to evaluate in baseball (even … Continue reading

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Brett Pill and Roger Kieschnick called up, Todd Linden ignored yet again

The Giants have made the move to recall Brett Pill and call up Roger Kieschnick, sending down Kensuke Tanaka and placing Tony Abreu on the 15-day DL. Brandon Belt weeps, but I’ll get back to that. Although Jeff Francoeur’s offensive … Continue reading

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On the nature of selling

The Giants’ season is effectively over. Baseball Prospectus pegs them at 75-87 with a 0.4% chance of making the postseason, and there are no new players coming along that should drastically affect that equation. With the trade deadline in less … Continue reading

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